Learn how I got paid by sharing my knowledge, experience and views on the topics i’m passionate about.

The days are gone when it was very hard to start your business with minimum capital investment or without any capital.

The most of the people had to give up on making their dreams a reality in the physical world earlier by just being focused on offline world but the technology revolution has changed everything drastically from the old fashioned way doing things to virtual ones.

Internet has made it possible for everyone to stay connected with hundreds of thosands of people or even more people without leaving your physical location and your work.

The social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube,pinterest and linkedin are the few very notable names among those network channels which the people in our modern sociey use to connect with millions of others by sharing their stories, experineces, views, photos and videos on the internet. All the platforms are based on the internet.

Today, all the big corporate houses are running their online presence to multiply their client base across the globe which was just impossible with the earlier way of doing business physically only.

Share your experience or knowledge

Everyone is different and follows different routes to the success. The people who have guidance through a mentor and follow a custom designed road map according to their personality or understanding by a mentor, they move faster to reach to their destinations than the unguided folks.

Now its your choice to follow someone who has already travelled on the path, you are starting today or you want to learn it your way though hit and trial method.

I too started like you in the past and I was offered the different ways of doing it on the internet by my mentor. I’m sharing that journey to various available options for the beginners.

Are you passionate about doing anything?

What are the things you love to do all the time? or any time or in your leisure moments?

What is the field of your interest? Your knowledge or expertise?

What is your experience about?

What are your hobbies? studies about?

you can make a list of all those things you are passionate about based on the above mentioned questions.

you would pick up the topic or field from your written list of things where you have mastery or you feel confident to talk about, to share your experinece, knowledge, advise to help millions of people who are just looking for the solution to their problems in your field of expertise.

Remember! all your experience, knowledge, advice or views is an information what the needy people searching as solutions for their problems.

Now the question is how you would be paid by sharing it?

You have now different options available to you to share the information based on experience, knowledge, advice or expertise.

You need to create your own information products like physical products we use in offline world.

Information products you can create as given in the following list.

  1. An e-book on any topic of your experience, knowledge or advise.
  2. CD’s/DVD’s as experts advice on your topic(s) of interest.
  3. Reports on the topics which are much sought after on internet and also your topic of expertise.
  4. Photos of some events or special or rare moments captured by you only.
  5. Video’s on certain topics, events and moments of interests.
  6. interviews from the experts on some hot topics of interest on CD/DVD/Mp3.
  7. Music performance of your favourite band or yourself as professional or hobbyist.

These are some of the a few ways to create your own information products. You need to make them available after creating the information product for your audience which is looking for the solutions you have provided in your informational products.

Following are some options for you on internet to get paid for your informational products.

  1. Sell your product on your own website.
  2. Sell on the market place like clickbank as a merchant where other marketers would promote your product for more sales and get paid for the commission after sale is made through their efforts.
  3. Sell on e-bay as an informational product.

If you don’t want to create your own product in the beginning and still want to share your knowledge, experience or expertise in your field of your interest.

You can start yourself as a BLOGGER where you would run your BLOG (web based diary) online and share your knowledge, experience or advise on topics of your interest.

What is Blog? How to start it instantly? How to earn through it? I would discuss about these things in the next post.

The other best way of doing things in your fields of interest is affiliate marketing. You don’t need any product of your own to get paid for sharing knowledge on any topic of your interest in affiliate marketing.

You start promoting any information product of your interest belonging to some merchant and get paid as commission for making the sale for that product.

The affiliate marketing is the best way to start as a beginner for earning some extra income without your own products or services, without any experinece or skills or age limitation to work in your field of expertise or knowledge.

To understand how the affiliate marketing works, what are the basics steps of doing it right way to get the desired results.

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